Mollie Makes includes me!

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Yes that is right – you read it right….. One of my dolls – ‘Maurice the knitter’ just got featured in Edition 26 of the lovely ‘Mollie Makes’ and I am indeed chuffed to bits about it.

Apparently Maurice is having a fun old time with the ladies in the office……?!

I got my magazine only in the post this morning… I don’t think it will be too long before the magazine actually hits the shops.  You can purchase from places like WHS, Sainsburys and Asda.

if you cannot wait that long – you can always upload Issue 26, on 12 April  – Download now!

Or you can subscribe,  call (UK) 0844 848 2852, (Int) +44 1604 251 045 or email

Or you can go to their Facebook page which is hugely inspiring……

I came across this by accident – it shows all the places in the UK that stock Mollie Makes magazine …. it’s quite mental how many places stock it……

If you have not heard about MollieMakes then it’s a magazine you should really have a look at if you like funky craft making ideas. Let me tell you a bit more about it – MollieMakes is a lifestyle and craft magazine which brings you the best of craft online, a look inside the homes of the world’s most creative crafters, tutorials on inspiring makes, round ups of the most covetable stash and tours of the crafty capitals of the world.





Where do I start…….?

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Packing my hospital bag or the house?

These last few months have been hard… I so want to make my dolls but just simply cannot. I feel nauseous and weak to do anything… yes it’s because I am pregnant. I feel like a pathetic weakling and cannot wait for someone to give me an early birthday present – a parcel full of unlimited supply of energy!

So many things have happened…… I am due to pop on the 15th May and we also have to move… but we don’t have a home to go to… so I am trying to pack… my hospital bag and the rest of the house…….it’s odd especially when we dream of painting and setting up the baby’s room.

Hopefully tomorrow will be a better day and I can bounce like Tigger again and magically roll out hundreds of dolls!

Hope you are all well?

A hufty pufty uphill struggle….

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I am now in my third trimester of my pregnancy and it has indeed been a struggle. Someone has stolen my energy. I no longer have my unlimited supply of buzziness that everyone knows me for…..and I have been told recently that I am a duck. This does not make me happy as I have been know the ‘squirrel’ for so long and would like to remain that way……..

I want to apologise for not writing recently and I will indeed promise you treats and delights for you over the next few weeks. Which now reminds me – I am due a break – I best get to the freezer to eat a tub of ice cream… before the ‘cake’ inside me decides to make me sick…..

See you soon folks.

Take a peek in Prema

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Last Saturday I dragged my husband on his day off to help me exhibit my doll collection at the super quirky ‘Prema Gallery’ in the quaint village of Uley, Gloucestershire.

Normally I would be absolutely happy to have done it all off my own back, but now that I am over 4 months pregnant, waddling like a duck and cannot simply put my shoes on without huffing… I felt that I needed my darling husband’s support, otherwise ~ I would have been there for ever and probably have camped overnight to complete the show.

The hanging went well and lunch there was just scrumptious……


Do visit, as the gallery cafe make the yummiest food ever, it’s a great place to chill on the sofa, meet the sweetest people –  the cafe proprietors, Adam Morrigan and Imogen Harvey-Lewis and to see art work hanging in the red room by Norwegian illustrator Øivind Hovland.

Don’t wait too long as both myself and Oivind work is on display till 22nd February.

Oh and another thing – do request to see Imogen Harvey-Lewis’s studio. It’s a treat! She is super talented and has a lovely selection of amazing bits. I love her soft coloured, large scale pencils drawings on board. You cannot find these on the net and I for one, really do like them.

prema display 2

1 DSC_0054 DSC_0096 DSC_0058 dora

Will ‘they’ like ’em?

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EXTRA large dolls (and little ones one) to be exhibited soon at the super lovely n’ quirky ‘Prema’ gallery, based in Uley, near Dursley from the 14th January.

They were a challenge to make what with the festive season being a busy time and being sickly pregnant, but an experience I enjoyed.  I do hope to make more at some stage. They are 86 cm tall and look like giants next to the smaller versions that I normally create!

I probably won’t do another post till the brand new year of 2013! So in the meantime – look after each other and enjoy the remainder of the festive season to the max!

Thank you for your support this year – you lovely lot! – see you soon.


16197_10151358821272889_1202316803_n 154986_481603568556809_1278894680_n




Fans – Dan and Jan.

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I have literally just finished these two and cannot wait to show Dan and Jan…….Let’s see what they make of them!

Jan and Dan 1

Jan doll 1

Dan 1

Shivery Stroud

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By jove – hasn’t it been cold? Anyway – Last weekend was the Pop up shop at Lansdown Gallery in Stroud. I met many lovely and super talented people.

The event was a success and that was all down to the super duper Jo Fry. I was naughty and saw some pieces I liked. So the hubby and I bought some. We are rather fond of Lorraine Robbins’ work.

The write up in Stroud’s local paper was good too.

Here’s a peek of the Private view night:14478_10151342726577889_1536905112_n


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