Tell us a little about yourself:

I am 36 years old. I spend my days as a doll maker creating in a little cottage in the beautiful English countryside of a small and quaint place called Winchcombe with my beautiful and supportive husband and crazy Buki Bear. Soon there will be a fourth member to the family – ‘Mayday’ who will be due in May 2013.

Who is Buki Bear?:

Buki Bear is our mixed pale ginger cat. He is rather large and looks like a bear that attacks people and things unpredictably from time to time.

Describe your collection in four words.:

‘Ooooh…. what are they?’

You prefer to communicate via email not the telephone – why?:

I have a profound/severe hearing loss and wear x2 behind the ear hearing aids. I can talk and hear on the phone – but these days with so many wretched cold calling and peculiar accents it makes me nervous with who is on the other end. Emailing/texting and skyping is a life saver.

What are you afraid of?:

Unknown things lurking about in the sea.

What are your dreams made of ?:

Fluffy warm antique pink clouds filled with happiness.

I hear you don’t like hills, but you live amongst them?:

I detest walking up hills. I am trying to make friends with them – but this will be a long journey to the end  – I think.

What do you want to be better at?: Longboarding – To cruise along super smoothly like my husband does, rather than busting my little knobbly knees out.


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