The Old Bakehouse

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Little me creating in our little bake house cottage amongst the green soggy land and spongy wet hills of Gloucestershire.

I thought it was time to show you my home. Temporary home….. we are still  – yes still  – waiting for a new place to go on to.
It is nearly December and it has been raining so much…. the clouds really should start thinking about dropping some white fluffy festive cheers.

We all love to have a little nose and peek through the windows of people’s homes when passing by. Here is my world.


Have they settled in?

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… well it seems like they have. Why wouldn’t they? – it’s indeed a lovely shop. A place to get excited and look at all things handmade and nice!

I am glad to see the little ones ‘strutting their stuff’ inside a vintage suitcase – this is where they feel most comfortable – after all this where they are placed once they are born and clothed. They have grown up, slept and travelled from place to place in these kind of things. It’s good to see they are all holding hands and looking out for one another.

What:? Gallery/Shop/Cafe and Theatre

Where:? The Fire Station in Oxford.

The Old Fire Station

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Well ……

Saturday was indeed a super lovely day spent roaming around the beautiful historical town of Oxford. You say – what brings us here – on business of course! (actually that’s a lie and a little shopping n’ gallery nosing!)
After months and months since the beginning of summer of waiting, I get a reply from an Emily (who I have still not yet met!) to say that the really cool n’ funky Old Fire Station Gallery/Shop wishes to stock the gang – my ‘anthropomorphic’ dolls and some of  ‘the legs’ tote bags. I am beaming.

We made a pleasant journey cross-country – the scenery was just stunning. Beautiful rolling green hills, bright hues of oranges and yellows from  the autumn leaves and lush old English trees dotted across the never ending landscape. After an hour of tranquility, I huffed n’ puffed and arrived at the gallery with x2 vintage suitcases of surprises.

As discussions were made…… customers I noticed were earwigging and coming closer towards me and the dolls, out of curiosity they hung around and wanted to hold n ‘inspect them. My heart skipped a beat… not sure how the gang felt as they are not used to being poked by strangers. My little creations haven’t been in the outside world for that long – that actually we were all happily melting inside with the stirred interest that we ourselves had created.
Do visit the gallery shop – it really is a little gem of a place. It’s only been open a year. So go along  – support them. The products they stock are ideal for unique arty items to buy for friends or instead just for your very self!

Whilst we  there – we popped into to have a snoop around the gallery. They had some lovely prints, some by Charlotte Farmer. I have seen her work popping up time and time again. She does limited edition silkscreen prints often in neon colouring.  They are fun and light-hearted. It is always lovely to see her work. My fave would have to be her ‘Snowglobe’ edition. They are a hoot!

The Old Fire Station isn’t just a gallery. It is a charity and social enterprise offering performances and exhibitions for all to enjoy, a means of support for emerging artists and enterprising ways to sustain and develop art as a business.
They have a shop, a theatre and a studio and work closely with Crisis Skylight Oxford to enable homeless people to access training and work. They aim to help artists make and showcase work, to entertain and engage the public and to help homeless people develop skills and confidence.

Outside The Old Fire station

Charlotte Farmer’s screen print – one my my favourites!

The legs have it…..

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Voila! After doodling, amending and poking about….. it’s done! My little bag is ready!

Now for sale on my Etsy shop or go and do a little spot of Christmas shopping in Stroud at this very lovely pop up shop.

There will be some lovely other great artists’s work – Daniel Sparkes, Simon Mills, Alice Fletcher and more!

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