I just love…..

01/10/2012 § 2 Comments

foraging. I do a lot of it here in England. 

I love picking sloes to make lovely concoctions of Sloe gin and Sloe sherry. Leave for a couple of years. The longer, the more refined it is. I have learnt this from experience, from drinking my Papa’s which Mum and I found one day, covered in thick dust, left forgotten and was many many years old. I use my Papa’s recipe today.

Rosehips are another ingredient I get excited foraging for. You can make the tastiest cordial out of it. It’s super duper healthy and delicious with lemonade.
Whilst in France, the locals in the area we stayed, foraged for almonds and sold them at the local market.

Maybe I am a bit silly but I didn’t know what they were when I saw them on the market stall. I guess it’s because I have never seen them with a shell on and certainly didn’t know they were grown on trees.

I went for  a walk one evening and found many trees with almonds growing. I was told by a french woman in scattered english and me picking up an incy wincy bit of french and lots of gestures, that you must pick off different trees and not just one as some can be sour.

I wished they had them over here. I’d grind them and make macaroons all day.


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§ 2 Responses to I just love…..

  • Jess Shiels says:

    Hi Julie,
    Loved this piece as I was only talking to a lady at our local farmers market on Saturday about Elderflower and Rosehip cordials. She sells the Elderflower cordial but gave me a special treat on Saturday and presented me with a bottle of Sloe Gin only from 2011 mind you. I’ve never tasted it before so it will be interesting….

  • Oh you lucky lucky thing Ms Shiels! DO enjoy! 🙂

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