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Another doll creator under the name ‘Cocon’is getting me excited. Loving her tranquil photos and dolls.

She considers herself to be a: Stylist, designer, creator, artist, inventor….
She is originally from Tokyo and is now based in southern France and is a mother of two children and they are the ones in the photos i have seen popping up time and time again. They are beautiful.

For more: – you know you want to……



Carolyn Salas – trees

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I can’t find much about her – maybe you can…?

– her work is very varied. I found her in one of my lovely books on some work she has done on stuffed trees that are life size. I have just googled her and have seen some creations that I have never seen before……. some I like and some has got me thinking…..


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is loving these cushions by Hilary Grant – Knitwear and textile designer

Her photo style has given me ideas and how I may possibly approach my own creations. Actually just noticed a person called Jo Helfer has taken them for her… hmm… should I be asking somebody to do them?! My talented husband maybe……?

Colette Bream

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A beautiful and talented lady with an adorable daughter – Just SO loving her work, style, photos and calmness.

She was recently featured on Etsy and she deserves to be. Do read it, right here, right now. Completely inspiring and lovely.

Won’t say anything else – take in the photos and enjoy the moment.

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Poke and prod

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Last Sunday went well.

Photos were taken, the poor little mites were poked, rearranged and I grunted at   ‘Aune’,   Makimka’, ‘Ludvig’ and ‘Nobuo’ … but really they behaved well and I am chuffed with the results.


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Have been thinking about creating some other things…..and been inspired by these guys I’ve known/followed for a while  – Annette Messager and Herakut

– been doodling.

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A really larger than life rabbit

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I’m super busy today and feel awful for abandoning you readers… please do check out the work of

valeria dalmon- escultora

isn’t she amazing and super duper talented?

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