Respect to Tilleke

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– have been a big fan of Tilleke’s work ever since I found out about her a few years back.

Born: December 10, 1946, Winterswijk, The Netherlands

She is known for her doodly embroiderd pieces – she states that her work is a ‘mixture of graphic quality, content and fooling around.’ (I agree) Folk art and daily life are great sources for inspiration for Tilleke.  She must spend hours, weeks and days and months working on these…….

She loves cats.

if you want to see more of her work click on this link:



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worked my little ass off yesterday, all day, evening and today……

Boom…. bam. Made quite a bit. Still a lot to do……. have to clean the house too – as my folks are coming to stay – yay!

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Fabulous fabrics

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Last Sunday I rushed down to the car boot as I didn’t want to miss it as we had a lie in……..

What a good morning it was. I bought lots of great materials and bits n’ bobs to work with for my creations. I have ideas coming out all over the place.

– whilst Buki bear slept, I doodled in my sketchbook and now wish to make a a little backpack for one of my dolls.

Evangelione –

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another doll creator – who is also amazing….. she certainly makes me gasp over her creations.

Truly inspirational.

Name: Yeo Mei Ying
Born 1981, Chinese Malaysian.
She’s been a full time craftist since 1st May 2005

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blown me away

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oh my oh my…. some of these little talented people have been doing some amazing stuff. My goodness me – I just LOVE what this particular person has been up to. Check him out right now!

Russian illustrator  Nalogina Lubov aka The Takiyaje Doll Creator

– these little families are just too cool. The workmanship gone into them is utterly breathtaking. I just wish I could see them in the flesh. The features are so human like and I love the accessories he makes for each of the characters. (I thought the maker was a she!- and I wasn’t the only one who thought that.)

bettering myself

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This evening I decided to try and improve my photography it’s one of my weaknesses and it’s been niggling me. … I read in Etsy yesterday that taking good photos is what will attract customers…I already knew this and it comes up time and time again and I think that what may have been letting me down…….

Tonight I went for a walk which did me good. I did a lot of thinking and talking to my husband and found little areas on our walk that would make better scenes for my dolls.

I played around with ‘Ludvig’ and tried to make him look all cosy and comfortable on his picnic blanket having his lunch. I wanted to make the scene as pic- niccy as possible. I’m amazed at the lush greenary – it looks like spring.

These photos are my first attempts……

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Students who blossom

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Love…… just love going to art colleges and seeing degree shows.

It certainly fills me with excitement and makes the hairs on my arms sway and dance when I see amazing bits produced by such arty youngsters…….

DO check out the work of of this talented young lady – Illustrator – Fran Knight (I really want to buy something lovely from her)

prefer her b/w work in development pieces, rather than the finished product

Love the simple mark making of Jamie Mills

wintery stuff by Katie Harnett

These drawings by Brittany Molineux

Like the heavy use of lead and graphite by Faye Coral Johnson

Emma Evans

Agata Duda

Bought a piece of work. Cannot wait to hook it up on a wall somewhere…

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