Tonight –

05/05/2012 § Leave a comment

this evening I’m all on my tod, whilst my husband climbs a mountain. Well three in fact…

I have got fidgety and decided to do some work on the computer…. but as my mind is elsewhere wondering about my dearest so far and er…. so high…… I explored the internet.

I came across a lovely blog that I saw a few weeks back and decided to read it, as I wanted to know more about Gretel and her successes.

The lovely Gretel, the blog writer and talented needle felter. She has just recently been featured in ‘Mollie Makes’.  Do take a peek at the magazine – it’s a good one to get inspiration from.

I have seen her work in the flesh. They are so quirky and amazing. The colours are fresh and kind of remind me of something from the ‘Magic Roundabout’…….Do see more of her little creations.

What’s quite sweet is I have just by accident found that she has written about the ‘Winds of Change’ gallery, she mentions about Jane, other artists and me!  How nice! This will most certainly motivate me for Monday….(yes I know it’s a Bank Holiday – sad aren’t I?)


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