Bare shelves…….

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– time to make more. I don’t like looking at my living room – all my toys have gone. They moved away to sit and smile in a new place¬† – a shop called “Sharland and Lewis’ in Nailsworth. I do miss them. I hope they are looked after.

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A beaver/reindeer, a fawn and something….. will be born soon.


‘Randall’ from Detroit

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I have a sore finger. Just the one finger – where the needle had been pressing and poking and trying to make it’s way though the hard skin. Finally done –¬† ‘Randall’ looks like something from the 70’s/80’s era.

‘Randall’ the car salesman from Detroit comes complete with underwear, cowboy boots, sunglasses and baseball cap.

He is now for sale on Etsy.

Mrs Fry

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This morning – was a bizarre moment.

Met Jo Fry today, after seeing her lush work at an exhibition ‘Before you Leave’ in a restored Brunel former Goods Shed which stands alongside Stroud train station. It was on the other weekend. I was so impressed with her show and wanted to be a part of it, so I emailed her.

I weirdly happened to meet the talented Jo Fry at the lovely ‘Sharland and Lewis Home’ shop in Nailsworth where I was hoping for my products to be liked, accepted and displayed. She recognised my work and said ‘you emailed me….’ I didn’t have a clue who she was and I’m positive there was a long pause and a lot of ticking, grinding and creaking in my brain, then suddenly it all clicked into place. HOW lovely it was to see and meet her. I felt slightly nervous and blurted out that I loved the show and her work, but am indeed glad that she knows.

I want to share with you her stuff that makes me smile.

Nice Nailsworth

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Today I drove and drove, the journey was SO green and eye stingingly bright yellow due to the densely packed fields of rape seeds. My little car started smoking…..just as I arrived in a beautiful town of Nailsworth.

The town is just lovely, there is much to do there. There is a good pub, that does yummy pizza, some very sweet little restaurants and many gift type shops. The charity shops are GREAT. Found one that is super – just like how the old school charity shops used to be…..

Anyway, I had a prior appointment with Libs Lewis, the owner of the oh so lovely shop – ‘Sharland and Lewis Home’

All went well. She wished to stock all that I bought with me. So fingers cross…. that all that visit there will buy buy buy my little bits and pieces.

The shop is really lovely and I am not just saying that to ‘please people’ – it stocks stuff that I do like and love from France, Portugal, Spain, Morocco and Bali. There are some great eclectic vintage pieces ranging from industrial storages to small little quirky ‘toy’ houses. It’s a good place to buy gifts for friends, but the kind of thing that you’ll more likely end up keeping for yourself! It is soon to have a cafe and I cannot wait as this will mean I can leave the hubby to drink/read/eat whilst I can take even more time to look and ‘ooh and ahh’ over the wonderful things on display.

When it was time to go – I actually found it hard to part with my stuff, I quietly and quickly said my goodbyes and drove away with an empty boot (actually I drove around the corner to a garage to see what was the matter with my car….. I beamed massively, asked for help. They saw to it there and then and only charged me 4 quid and let me off on the labour costs)

What a day, eh?

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Boom Bam… Sold

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Sean Loves ‘Seany Prawny’

His Mother happened to be there having her hair done. She likes it too.

I really loved working on this one. I feel it captures him so well to be quite honest with you.

‘Prawn’ on display

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Worked in the humidity till late last night……It’s finished. ‘Seany Prawny’ from the salon will be soon going up on display in his very own hairdressing shop.

Seany Mason is good for getting a decent haircut off and having a laugh with.

Please do pop in. He’s ever so friendly.

‘Spargo’ Unisex Hair Salon

Sudeley Cottage

High Street


Tel 01242 602222

You can’t miss is – it’s next to the good old butchers owned by Colin and John that sell great chipolatas and thick smoked bacon. Perfect for Saturday’s brunch.

Yesterday –

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it was my birthday.

Today is a work day.

‘Seany Prawny’ is coming along nicely. Here is the latest update:

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