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14/04/2012 § 4 Comments

For those of you who have found me via my blog,  just to let you know I have at last after a lot and (grumble… growl….) I mean a lot of ummming and ahhing and puffing and….. heavy sighing…….. just created a new facebook page on ‘me the artist’

Please when you can, search me on facebook under the name: juliedegruchyeast

Please could you click on the main LIKE button to support me. Thank you, you lovely lot out there!

I am away from my computer for the rest of the weekend and shall be back in a couple days to post what the local rag said about the exhibition. Oooh errrr…. gulp gulp.


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§ 4 Responses to A new f.b

  • Karen J says:

    HI Julie, lovely to meet you today at the gallery – don’t worry about what the local press will say – they’ll love it all! Hope you get yoour subscription to Mollie Makes sorted!
    Karen x

    • Hi Karen
      It was a delight to meet you on Saturday… I felt I could speak to you for hours! I so cannot wait to get my next Mollie Makes magazine through the post…! DO let me know if you know of any other cool mags too! Can I just say – Thank you for your time and ever so kind words Karen. Have a good week and hope we meet again some day soon.

      Julo xx

  • Gretel says:

    Julie, I didn’t realise it was you yesterday until you had modestly and quietly vanished! Then Jane told me – I was gutted, as I absolutely love your work, (you should be contacting Selvedge Magazine as it’s just the kind of thing they feature) – I do hope we get to meet up again, this time I can gush about your work and find out more about it. The portraits are so well drawn, how you manage to coax so much character out of thread I don’t know, but you do it brilliantly.

    • Hi Gretel.

      I just popped in for a quickie as I had to run away due to an important family gathering and it was a shame I couldn’t be there for the whole weekend…… 😦 anyway….. it was a pleasure to see you working away and coo and ahh …..and point at your lovely pieces in the little cabinet.
      You must be so chuffed to have it featured in such a lovely magazine too! – Mollie Makes (it really is such a cool mag!) My husband and I wanted to do the workshop you are going to do… but have been told it’s full! – nevermind…..I am very chuffed to bits that all things great are happening for you! I would love to see you again and talk all things art see you in action! have a good week Gretel. We will meet again soon for sure!
      Julo. xx

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