Lovely little ‘Winds of Change’ gallery

18/03/2012 § Leave a comment

Last Saturday I felt sad taking my woollen pieces out of the lovely Anton and K  shop in Winchcombe. The owners Karen are Antony and super lovely, my husband and I both feel we really couldn’t have met a much more nicer couple. Antony and Karen have been extremely supportive and always make me chuckle whenever I see them.

I had left two of my woolly art works, a butcher from Mickleton village and one of my very first Polar Explorer pieces with them for several weeks. They were not wanting to take any money if they were to sell which I thought was really kind of them. I was most appreciative of the fact that they liked my work and was allowing to accept them into their shop and see what the public thought. They even went to the trouble of contacting people they thought that might lead to something. It was now the time for somewhere new. I felt a bit uncertain with what to do next and was silently worrying about where I was going with everything… Since setting up my Etsy shop last week, I had now been ploughing myself into my sewing more than ever, making larger and larger pieces…….Just before I said goodbye, Antony spoke of a local tea shop that may be of interest…..

We trotted with our woolen art, turned a corner and walked down Hailes street.

I decided that I wanted to pop into the cute little gallery on the way, the door was open.  A lady approached me –  all wide eyes: Jane.

Jane was excited and eager to look at the work I had held tightly against me. We had a long chat, she was an amazing source of local information and understood what I was about. Next thing I know – I have been invited to exhibit my ‘wools’ in the ‘Wool in Winchcombe’ exhibition during the 3 weeks the town celebrates Winchcomb’s wool town heritage. Gulp.

Watch this space.

'Winds of Change' gallery, Hailes street, Winchcombe

We never made it to the tea shop……


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