Let’s put your wings on…..

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Well, it will be farewell to ‘Cat eye girl’ 

A fond beautiful friend with a big heart and smile and a great old totem pole husband will soon be the new bearer of ‘Cat eye girl’,  a piece I have much attachment to. I am SO pleased that she will be going to them.

Put on your wings ‘Cat eye girl’ and fly to Oxford, let them lovely folk enjoy you.

You will be missed.


Difficult Colin

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Bless his cotton socks – ‘difficult Colin’ is actually a real sweet heart – a local butcher boy that always says hello to his customers when walking past his shop.

The last and final butcher for the ‘Wool’ exhibition was quite a challenge to do…… and to be honest I kept putting him off!

I am rather please that he has been dealt with and hope that the local folk will enjoy seeing him and the others…..

The ‘Wool’ exhibition will be taking place at the ‘Winds of Change’ gallery in Winchcombe,

on Broadway Road, Gloucestershire.  GL54 5HT

From 14th April – 5th May 2012. Please do pop by. (Other events will be happening in the town)

aaaahhhhh…. sigh, that’s better.

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Ideas are bouncing around like I don’t know what….

and my head is hurting.

Think I shall put them into my new sketchbook, then at least I can have a bit of space to think in my small brain.

Here’s some stuff I have just off loaded, ahhhh…sigh,  that’s better.

Lovely new book

I am really enjoying drawing houses from the Cotswold and far far away....

Girls, homes and tear drops....

Constellations and myths on the Aurora Borealis

Drawing ideas for my 3d soft dolls - 'animal people'

Molly the country girl - paper idea

A new starting point..... one I have wanted to try out for a while.... I really want this to follow on from my woollen 'girl series' that i am currently working on.

Deciding still.... on which objects and thickness of lines to use.

Bye bye Bertie

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I have sold my first item on my online Etsy shop! 

Thank you supporters!

Bertie is off to a new home. He so cannot wait to go. He will be living his new life in New York…….which is great as he loves neon lights. Bertie also likes to eat rosebuds and rosehips. When it is in season he loves to make masses and masses of rosehip cordial and drink it with lemonade.

Bye bye, love you Bertie.

Gary and his bird with a leather face mask…..

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Yesterday went cycling….. free wheeled ridiculously fast down some lovely green fields…… it was such great fun with the wind blowing in your hair – it really does feel like summer is here.

Met a man with a bird on the way. A great character to draw/embroider. Cannot wait.  I spoke a while to him after he flew her back n’ forth. He was so sweet – he even said I could meet up again and he’ll introduce me to his other birds – including his very special Barn Owl.

Did you know they’ll become extinct within 10 years? I feel quite sad about this.

I would love to do a series of him. I think this could be the start of something quite special…….

I’ll have this one and this one…. thank you.

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Lovely lovely oh so lovely Jane Smoczynski; artist and promoter of ‘Winds of Change’ gallery came to visit me today to discuss what would go into her gallery in a few weeks time. It was SO good talking to her. I could have sat down and chatted with her all things art for hours. I felt upbeat and wanted to dance even though I’m still in so much pain at the moment……. I stink of ‘Red Heat’; muscular cream….I hope she didn’t think I was too strange smelling.

The lovely Jane decided that she would like to have x5 of my ‘butcher’ pieces and a few ‘hill’ cushions and see how we go with fitting it all in her gallery.

I’m on a high, now let’s see if I can dance.

Job done

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At last after much huffing and groaning and

dealing with many shooting pains in my upper body and arms, job done!

Woollen pieces framed.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Now onto the next batch.

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