Anton and K shop

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Check out this lovely little shop with all things great in it… it’s just around the corner from where I live. (Winchcombe, Gloucestershire)

I am really loving their vintage desk lamps……. sigh

Anton and K is owned and run by Karen and Antony Cull, such lovely people.

Their little place is a lifestyle shop selling a eclectic mix of old authentic pieces.


little little new labels

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Made these ages ago and never got to show you….. my little labels:

Let’s play pretend……

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Me modelling my newly found pheasant feather. Was intending to put it on one of my gamekeeper pieces… but I seem to have got too fond of it to part with it just yet.

I quite like looking like a little squaw….

Blanket chair….

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hmmm. love to upholster a chair with a blanket or two……

– have already decided we are having wool blanket curtains in our new place……grin.

Today was a good day

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Today was a good day… went walking. Left at half 11 and got back at 4. We walked for miles and miles and miles…. it was so nice to be amongst the green green lush land, blue skies and have at last the shining sun …. true bliss.

Came across a good old derelit barn…. found a pheasant feather I am very pleased with.

I love my wellies

old barn sky lights

I opened a door I shouldn't have.....

and found hundreds of them.....

red fungus?

retro light switch

enjoying the surroundings whilst having a cup of tea.


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I have sold one of my woollen pieces – a ‘polar explorer’ to a friend. Does that count? I like to think it does. I really respect her work and love what she makes. So, yeah it DOES count. I am chuffed to bits and she is so eager to get it off me to hang in her new place, in her dining room.

I am beaming. Thank you friend.

Polar Explorer No 3.  Col. 561, 336, 50

I”m feeling a little warm inside……

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Over the last week, well since I properly set up my work area –  I have been working my poor little sewing machine hard… I have completed a game keeper, a butcher and another butcher, an Amish guy with a conviction and the last of my polar explorer series of four. Need to make some frames, but firstly sort out the shed, move boxes so that I can access the work bench area…… and figure out how to use all the electrical tools……

Today I felt good. Visited a shop and they were really keen to have my work on display, (it was so nice to meet people that understood what made me tick and what I was really about) ….. walked past this evening on the way to do a little shop at the local co op and then onto the pub for a well deserved Baileys on ice, I couldn’t help but notice my work in the shop for the first time ever in my life. I am feeling warm inside……

I hope someone likes them… soon.

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